All about skin surrounding the eye – The Effects & How to take care?

Eyes are the most important organs out of all the sensory organs of the body. It is very important to not only take care of eyes, but also important to take care of the skin that surrounds and covers the eyes. Eyes are the most prominent thing in our look and for sure there are things that not only affect its functioning, but also the quality of the skin that surrounds it. Mainly due to the fact that the skin surrounding the eye is very thin that one can almost see the nerve ending and veins passing through it, it is very sensitive. The worst thing about under eye skin is that it gets affected by each and everything that happens with the body.

How to take care of skin that surrounds the eye?

It is no normal thing to take care of the skin that surrounds the eye as no facial cream, no face pack and no masks are meant for it. The main thing that one needs to remember is that, which the skin is very sensitive, and that which goes into the skin that covers the eyes can directly affect the eyes as well. That is why it is not possible to use anything except than using under eye creams and lotions for the skin, check for more info on cosmetics meant for under eye skin.

What can affect the under eye skin?

There are number of things that can affect the look and feel of the under eye skin. One must make sure that the skin is not touched with hands, as bare fingers have natural skin salt in them that can irritate the eye skin, as well as the germs and the dirt that hands accumulate can also affect the eyes too.

Things which affect the look of the skin surrounding the eyes are:

Proper sleep

Allergy caused due to dirt

Under eye boils

Under eye dark circles

Under eye puffiness

Scratches due to excessive eye scratching through hands

All these things affect the thin layer of the skin that is super sensitive. It is a good thing that as they are sensitive, as the skin also reacts to any kind of superficial treatment very fast. Check out to know how various creams and protective lotions give a soothing and brightening effect to the skin.

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